Just Kidding Soft Play

We ventured to Holmes Chapel this week to meet a friend for a soft play catch up! We had been to Just Kidding once before for a birthday party and thought it would be a great place to get together with the kids.

I don’t know about you but soft play and catching up with friends usually doesn’t quite work, we both end up in different directions. Just Kidding however is a great place to catch up as it’s quite small and therefore I felt safe to let my toddler play on her own as she was always within sight. In other play areas, because I don’t feel confident letting her out of my eye line, I find  myself crawling around on my hands on knees on a play frame. I can’t be the only one right?

Just Kidding has a main play frame, a small enclosed football area, an under 2’s small area and a larger under 5’s area. They have an onsite cafe and even the option to build your own bear.

We had a lovely time here, whilst I did get involved, join in and even ended up on the big slide… it was also nice to let my toddler have a little bit of independence, enjoy a coffee and finish a conversation knowing I could always see her.

I think this soft play is perfect for younger children perhaps 7/8 and under as it is quite a small play frame, older siblings  would be absolutely fine but it’s definitely geared towards more younger children.



Business Name: Just Kidding

Address: Manor Lane, Unit 8, Holmes Chapel Business Park, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AF

Website: https://www.justkiddingholmeschapel.co.uk/

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