Throwing The Perfect 10th Birthday Party For Your Child: 8 Tips And Tricks

There’s something magical about turning 10 years old. It’s a time when a kid’s interests start moving away from childish things and towards the more grown-up interests of teenagers. It’s also the first year of a double-digit age! Turning 10 is definitely something to be celebrated, and it can be tricky for parents to get the party just right.   

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You should get plenty of input from the birthday boy or girl unless it is a surprise party. Even then, it is a good idea to do some fishing and find out what kind of event they would enjoy. Here are some of our top tips to help you ensure your child’s 10th birthday party is a huge success.   

Create The Guest List And Send Out Invites Early  

A good guest list is a crucial part of any party. You should ensure that all of your child’s close friends are invited. It is best to run the guest list by your child – or better yet, let them write it themselves. Let them know how many people they can invite.   

Sending out the invites as early as possible will ensure that a good number of your child’s friends can make it. Any parent knows that managing a child’s social calendar gets harder and harder the older they get, so plenty of notice will certainly be appreciated.   

Decide On A Theme  

A theme is by no means a necessity, but it can be a great way to start the ball rolling on party planning. Again, you should consult your child to ensure the theme is one they will enjoy. You could consider their favourite film or video game, or make it a fancy-dress party.   

Add Some More Grown-Up Elements  

Most kids, as they turn 10, will want some more grown-up elements to their birthday party. It can be a delicate balance, as they are still young enough to enjoy a lot of the kids’ party elements while wanting to appear more grown-up. There are plenty of ways to make a party seem more grown-up while offering all the fun and excitement of a kids’ party.   

You could consider having a spa station where the children can get some kid-friendly beauty treatments. You should always ensure you let parents know what kind of things will be at the party to avoid any allergy mishaps. Activities away from home like laser tag or bowling can also be a great option and will let the kids feel more independent from adult supervision.   

Choose A Venue  

Choosing the right venue can be tricky. If you’re working on a tight budget, hosting the party at home can be ideal. If the plans you have for the party are a bit more involved, it may be best to hire a venue, as this means less set-up and clean up for you and other organisers.   

Consider Your Budget  

You should consider how much you can afford to spend on the birthday party. It can be frustrating to want to spend more than you can afford on your child’s 10th birthday party. It may help to look at funding options to allow you to throw your child the party of their dreams. There are plenty of options out there, and one great idea could be Pay Day Loans. Always choose a reputable broker like Payday UK to ensure you get the best service and deal.   

Plan A Wide Range Of Activities  

It is a good idea to choose a range of activities to suit as many tastes as possible, though focusing on the birthday boy or girl. If there will be kids of all ages present, having a range of different age-appropriate activities can be invaluable. Some common crowd pleasers for kids of all ages include bouncy castles, face painting, competitions and karaoke.   

Choose Crowd-Pleasing Foods  

It’s worth noting that no matter how grown up 10 years may want to appear, they are still kids, and kids can often be picky eaters. It is a good idea to choose easy to make party foods that will please everyone. Pizza, sandwiches, cakes and chips are a good choice for any party. You could also offer veggie and vegan options. If you want to go a bit healthier, include some chopped fruit and veg.   

The cake is another important element to your child’s 10th birthday party. It’s best to allow them to choose the cake they want. Ensure the cake will be large enough for all the guests and inform parents of all the allergens in all the food.   

Give Some Gifting Ideas  

No party is complete without gifts! To ensure your child has the best day possible, it may help to send a list of potential gifts or inspiration to the parents of the children invited. This will ensure that your child gets some thoughtful gifts and you don’t end up with things that your child won’t want or use.  

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