5 Reasons Why Learning A Foreign Language Is So Good For Kids

Bilingualism has shown several advantages from childhood into adulthood, such as boosting memory, reducing cognitive decline and even improving public speaking capabilities. Studies also suggest that children can still achieve high levels of fluency without learning a second language at home. Here are just five reasons why learning a foreign language is so good for your kids.

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#1 Better Problem Solving Skills

Learning a second or third language as a child can help kids develop greater problem solving skills. Different languages achieve the same meaning in two different ways. Encouraging children to learn a foreign language can help them apply different approaches to a problem. Problem-solving will also be extremely beneficial into their adult life and encourage nonverbal and abstract thinking as a way to help solve problems.

#2 Exposure To Different Cultures

Think of how much you would have enjoyed school trips to Italy. Exposing your child to different parts of the world and new cultures is definitely an experience we all wish we had as kids. Exposure to different cultures and people can also help give kids a wider world view and be more confident in navigating different parts of the world alongside the language at a young age. Becoming familiar with different cultures can also benefit and strengthen any studies at college or university, like law and politics.

#3 Higher Attainment In Other Areas

Kids that learn a foreign language at school tend to see higher grades and achievement in other areas of the curriculum. Those that learn a language as younger children tend to see better results across the board when applying to colleges or universities. This may be due to their ability to develop problem-solving and lateral thinking skills applicable to other areas of study.

#4 Increased Confidence

Making yourself understood in a different language to your own can help a child develop increased confidence, resilience, and self-sufficiency. A foreign language might be the first step on the way to your child becoming more independent. In the future if your child pursues foreign languages, they may have the chance to study abroad, which is a fantastic opportunity to learn to adapt and thrive in different situations.

#5 Learning A Foreign Language Is Fun

Learning a foreign language is fun. You get to learn about a culture that’s different to your own, you might go on a school trip abroad, and you get to meet new people. As a child, teachers try to make learning a foreign language engaging through the use of games and different technology. A foreign language is an interactive learning experience for a child that is harder to replicate with other academic subjects.


Learning a foreign language is a great way to improve your kid’s communication, problem-solving and confidence. It may also lead to better attainment in other areas of study. It’s a great opportunity to expose your kids to different cultures, people, and experiences at a young age. Finally, learning a language is a fun, engaging and interactive experience for children of all ages.


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